A Prayer For My Wife

Do you want to grow as a husband who supports and prays for his wife? This easy to follow, free resource of prayers will help and inspire you.

Dec 1, 2011. The Lord has given me the wonderful privilege of being married to my wife, Keri, for nearly 9 years. I know God loves me because he has given.

Jun 11, 2019. Dear Lord, I want to offer this prayer for my husband. Please. Bible Verse to Reflect On: “So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.

Sep 10, 2019. “Give him eyes to see my needs and the strength to follow through with that.” As a wife, have you ever prayed those kinds of prayers? Maybe.

31 Days of Prayer for My Wife [The Great Commandment Network] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jesus is praying for your wife, and He.

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May 19, 2019. Please pray for my wife and daughter to stop drinking without anything bad happening. Pray for my daughter to get her life together and leave.

Lord, I pray that my wife would grow in the knowledge of You. Give her a desire to know you and to follow after You. Lord, if she doesn't have a personal.

Jan 1, 2018. Jesus is praying for your wife and invites you to join Him! Your wife is a gift from God! Recall an image of Jesus you've likely seen—Jesus,

O Jesus, lover of the young, the dearest Friend I have, in all confidence I open my heart to You to beg Your light and assistance in the important task of planning.

Prayer is powerful—because God, and our relationship with Him, is powerful. This easy-to-use prayer card equips you to bring your wife to the God who sees,

What if you and your spouse could give each other a special Valentine gift that could last all year? What about trying a Valentine Prayer Letter?

Jun 25, 2018. friend or wife to have a great day, these good morning prayer messages for. I thank God each and every day that you are a part of my life.

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Jan 7, 2019. My wife and I were in a heated argument in our living room, struggling to bring the conflict to some kind of resolution. In our own strength and.

Oct 8, 2018. Growing Through Prayer – Love for My Wife. Lord, thank you for the gift of my wife. Empower me by the Spirit to walk with my wife in love.

Feb 11, 2019. By Dr. Louis McBurney. A sick feeling takes over the pit of my stomach. The pastor's wife I'm counseling has just brought up a topic I'd rather.

A Prayer for Marriage Restoration, help my marriage, pray for my husband, pray for my wife.

“Praying For Her” has opened my eyes to many ways I can and should pray for my wife, my gift from God. Praying For Her” has broadened the scope of my.

Does God Hear My Prayers Here are some of what we do know about prayer: God wants us to pray with a pure heart. Prayer is our line of communication with the Lord. He wants to pray as we read the scriptures as the Holy Spirit teaches us. He wants us to pray for needs to be met according to.

Prayer is your first and most powerful weapon when fighting for your marriage and contending for each other. Our ability to pray is one of God's most radical,